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Why choose to advertise in le Détaillant, the official magazine of the CQCD?

The CQCD is the most important retailers group in Quebec. With more than 441,000 jobs, the retail sector is the second largest employer in the province. In 2013, retail sales in Quebec amounted to more than $105 billion. In short, the retail sector is doing very well. It plays a major role in the Quebec economy and is strongly rooted in all regions of the province.

Reach your target more effectively thanks to the CQCD!

Business decision-makers trust the CQCD’s publications for the vision and objectivity they bring to the subjects addressed. They provide readers with relevant information on the retail sector, allowing them to make important business decisions.

The editorial vision of the magazine le Détaillant

For 14 years, the magazine le Détaillant has offered a vision of the retail sector from the inside, showcasing its key players and providing insight into the issues, the latest trends and the evolution of consumer behaviours. In addition, the magazine provides information on retail best practices and the most recent technological advancements and innovations. Focusing on themes specific to the retail sector, le Détaillant also includes an economic feature, which provides Quebec retailers with information on the outlook for the sector, as well as columns dealing with technology and legal matters. If an aspect of your strategic development plan is to:

  • increase your exposure and notoriety within the retail sector, in particular with store owners and senior executives, national and regional chains, specialized chains and merchants groups;
  • become associated with a leader that will live up to your expectations.

The CQCD offers you all these business opportunities in the context of a partnership that is profitable and much more…

The CQCD has become a member of the Canadian Circulation Audit Board Inc. – CCAB and the Business Publications Audit of Circulation Worldwide (BPA). Knowledgeable media buyers look for audit reports they can trust. BPA is the recognized audit organization trusted by advertisers and media buyers the world over.


Quarterly (five issues per year)


  • Spring 2014 – 8,000 copies, including 900 distributed to participants during the annual Retail Convention
  • Summer – 7,000 copies
  • Fall – 7,000 copies*
  • Fall/Winter – 7,000 copies
  • Winter – 7,000 copies

Readership profile

Average of 3.5 readers per copy (according to 2009 readers survey)

  • 65% are men and 35% women;
  • 19% are aged between 25 and 34;
  • 55% are aged between 35 and 49;
  • 26% are aged between 50 and 64;
  • 56% of readers are in Montréal;
  • Most of our readers report incomes of $70,000 or more;
  • 90% of our readers read the magazine le Détaillant to obtain information about the sector. 7,000 copies distributed within the retail sector: 35% by mail and 65% directly.
  • Total readership: 28,000 readers.

To consult the 2017 media kit: click here

To purchase advertising space in the magazine le Détaillant? Please contact:
Chantale Bélanger, Accounting and Administrative Director
Telephone: 450 421-8695
E-mail: cbelanger@cqcd.org