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Price Marking and Price Accuracy

Over the past 30 years, a number of major changes have transformed the face of retail in Quebec: the emergence of superstores, the use of optical scanners and frequent price variations resulting from increased competition.

To better control this situation, the price marking provisions of the Consumer Protection Act were revised. Under a the regulatory framework in effect since February 2001, merchants who use optical scanner technology are no longer obliged to indicate the price on each product for sale in their establishment (subject to certain requirements). However, other merchants must continue to mark the price on each individual item.

Given the complexity of the law, the CQCD is an invaluable ally for merchants, who are committed to ensuring the adequate and accurate marking of prices in their stores. Thus, in cooperation with its Price Marking and Price Accuracy Committee, the CQCD supports retailers by

  • advocating the reduction of constraints on the individual marking of prices;
  • conducting periodic surveys of consumers and retailers in cooperation with the Office de la protection du consommateur;
  • providing its members with free access to the good practices reference document entitled Guide de référence et de bonnes pratiques en matière d'étiquetage et d'exactitude des prix, which it developed in conjunction with a number of enterprises, associations and organizations representative of the retail sector.

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