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French Language

Since 1977, the Charter of the French Language is the key component of Quebec's language policy. It entitles consumers to be informed and served in French. In return, the retail industry must make products (including the accompanying documentation) available to Quebecers in French. In addition, French must be markedly predominant on public signs and posters and in commercial advertising.

As the main intermediary between the Office québécois de la langue française and product manufacturers, distributors and retailers, the CQCD encourages dialogue to foster compliance with the Charter. In collaboration with its Francization Committee, it devises solutions to various problems of application of the law, in particular with regard to the following:

  • consumer goods;
  • the language of work;
  • public signs and posters and commercial advertising;
  • the language of customer service.

The Rendez-vous des gens d'affaires et des partenaires socioéconomiques on October 10th 2008. It targeted the adoption of means to facilitate the use of the French language in Montreal businesses with less than 50 employees. The CQCD took an active part in the Rendez-vous and as a result, signed, with all the other participants, a general declaration (Déclaration commune).

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