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Loss Prevention

Each year, theft and fraud cost Quebec retailers nearly one billion dollars. Thus, it is not hard to see how important this issue is to the retail sector. Amazingly, losses from employee theft and fraud are nearly as great as those from shoplifting. Administrative errors and supplier irregularities are the third largest source of losses.

Faced with the magnitude of this phenomenon, the CQCD takes proactive measures to foster the adequate protection of resources of retailers.

Shoplifting is also an enormous scourge for retailers. Retail theft and fraud represent more than $800 million in losses each year in Quebec. To provide concrete support to retailers in their day-to-day battle against shoplifting and to counter the trivialization of this scourge, the CQCD officially launched its new shoplifting awareness campaign, under the theme Shoplifting is stealing.

Stickers and posters for this campaign can be ordered by following this link.

Thanks to the efforts of its Resource Protection Committee, the CQCD offers retailers numerous opportunities for networking and discussion with loss prevention experts. It also regularly represents the sector's views to government authorities.

Its activities focus on various subjects, such as

  • prevention of shoplifting, internal theft and fraud;
  • awareness of criminal organizations;
  • counterfeit detection;
  • new technological tools.

The CQCD also produces complete toolkits for the prevention of shoplifting and internal theft. To learn more about these tools, click here.

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