John Hayato Branderhorst

Stratège senior
btrax, Inc.

John Hayato Branderhorst has spent the last 15 years helping clients expand into Asian markets, with a focus on working with clients to make sure they understand how value propositions can change from one market to another.

In 2006, after returning from five years working in Japan, he began consulting for Japanese government agencies on their Foreign Direct Investment initiatives. In doing so he connected over 100 companies with partners and customers in Japan. Some of his work has included consulting for NTT on business development strategies and helping Sony spinout MotionPortrait on U.S. market entry strategies. John is currently working on business development, strategy, and marketing initiatives with the following organizations:

  1. btrax – User-centered Japan market entry research and strategy for entering the Japanese market. Also, provide marketing and design solutions for Japan market growth opportunities.
  2. Mamenta – A global commerce platform that enables brands and retailers from every continent to expand internationally
  3. GlobalSaké, a collective cross-border, cross-culture community of leaders driving international expansion in Product, Growth, Marketing and New Markets’ Entry Strategy.
  4. Presidio Sports Management – Customized marketing, management and legal solutions for companies in the endurance & fitness space.

In his free time, John helps to grow awareness of Kids Enjoy Exercise Now (KEEN), an international non-profit offering free one-to-one fitness opportunities for youth with disabilities.

Random bit of knowledge: In 2008, John co-founded a Ramen noodle business in San Francisco.

Company bio

btrax, Inc. is a SF and Tokyo based agency with over 16 years of experience helping clients grow business in Japan. Identifying users’ motivations and pains provides clients with an understanding of product-solution fit and helps clarify their value proposition when entering new markets. We provide market research, strategy, design & development, localization, and marketing services to help companies successfully enter and grow their businesses. We drive results through our 100% multilingual and multicultural teams based in San Francisco and Tokyo.