Marie-Ève Prévost

Chief Executive Officer
Dovetail Dental Software

Marie-Eve is an entrepreneurial and results-driven business leader with 15+ years of management experience and a proven track record of high growth in extremely competitive markets. Her team-building and energizing management style is focused on achieving continuous and improved business performance. Marie-Eve’s entrepreneurial journey started in 2015 when she moved back to Montreal from Australia and co-founded MissFresh with her brother and childhood friend. The company was later acquired at 70% by Metro in 2017 and employed over 270 employees in Canada. In 2020 she joined Dovetail as CEO, a software as a service (SaaS) company in the Health sector with the mandate of expanding their global presence. Marie-Eve graduated from HEC University with a diploma in Marketing and International Management and has occupied digital leadership positions in several public companies including from Media/TMT and e-Commerce industries (TVA, Yahoo!7, Seven West Media, Bell and Mediagrif).