Call for application at the TAG Retail Recognition Awards! - CQCD

Call for application at the TAG Retail Recognition Awards!

About the TAG Retail Recognition Awards

Organized by the Quebec Retail Council (CQCD), the purpose of this award ceremony is to recognize businesses that have distinguished themselves through their know-how, initiative and commitment, their leadership role and their community involvement in building the Quebec of today and tomorrow. It is an opportunity to highlight their work and promote successful companies operating in the retail sector.

When and where ?

The Retail Recognition Awards will take place during the TAG – A new perspective on today’s retail business event, on October 5th at the Palais des congrès de Montréal.

Recognition categories

The Retail Recognition Award has nine categories, but only six will be open for nominations:

1-Conquering the international market

This category recognizes a retail business that has successfully launched its operations in foreign markets. Entering new markets is a double challenge: not only does it often mean new opportunities, but it also means knowing how to stand out and position yourself advantageously in an unfamiliar market.

2-Social and environmental impact

Corporate citizenship, like a company’s social footprint, is now a staple of the business landscape. This category recognizes a retailer who has developed or supports philanthropic, charitable or socially responsible initiatives to help create a better society.

3-Digital supplier of the year

This award recognizes a service and expertise provider who has developed several digital projects and who has contributed to the influence and growth of retail businesses in Quebec.

4-Best HR practices

What levers should be used to retain staff in times of workforce shortage? How to encourage cooperation between team members? How to manage the return to work after long-term absences? What are the fundamental principles of staff retention? etc. This award recognizes a retailer that has implemented exemplary human resources management strategies.

5-Digital project of the year

The Digital Project of the Year is a great example of digital success and quality at all levels, combining excellent use of technology tools, a website of undeniable quality, and seamless integration of digital throughout the organization. We are rewarding success for a project that was masterfully executed.

6-Innovative start-up of the year

Starting a business requires a lot of knowledge in its field, optimism and, above all, confidence in its ideas. That’s why this category will be distinguished by its originality and innovation. The success of a start-up company is to capture the attention of its audience, but above all, to bring its innovative idea and demonstrate its expertise.

The following categories are not subject to nomination:

Builder’s Tribute Award

This award recognizes a retail manager/owner who, in his or her own way, has contributed to shaping Quebec’s retail industry and highlighting and enhancing a sector that contributes significantly to Quebec’s economic growth.

Quebec Retail Council member

This award recognizes a member of the Quebec Retail Council (CQCD) who has been actively involved in the retail sector and who has lent his or her support over the years to the council’s activities and representations (Board of Directors, advisory committees, participation in training activities and networking events, position papers, speaking engagements, etc.).

Special jury prize

The Special jury prize will be given to an innovative and unique company, in any category, that has impressed the jury.

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Nominations are closed. We are no longer taking applications