CQCD Suppliers directory for retailers - COVID-19 - CQCD

CQCD Suppliers directory for retailers – COVID-19

COMMUNICATIONS – SUPPLIERS (MEMBERS OF THE CQCD) If you have other solutions or products to offer to retail businesses, please contact Julie Martineau at [email protected]



ASK Marketing offers a full range of products and services to activate and manage the reopening of businesses in complete safety.


  • Protective mural
  • Freestanding screen with brackets
  • Protective visor
  • Explanatory POS
  • Preventive signage
  • Disinfectant station
  • Home delivery
  • Protective mask


Normally, Bimoo offers bilingual educational tablecloths in 100% recycled polyester with illustrations on various subjects: the sea, the farm, the jungle and emotions. The drawings were created by Quebec illustrators and there are 2 formats: 60x90in (6-8 people) and 45x45in.

The company has adapted to the current context and offers protective masks for adults and children.

Type of products

  • Adjustable adult and child protective masks – reusable – washable. 100% polyester, 2 ply, no filter


Di-e-go caddys has launched a new kind of small shopping cart called Booom. According to research, this is the most versatile indoor caddy in the world! Its main role is to help increase the amount of the average store transaction. In times of pandemic, Booom is essential because he is simply a second pair of arms!


  • First cylindrical and rotating caddy
  • First caddy borrowed from a store
  • First caddy designed for marketing
  • First Canadian ecological caddy
  • First philanthropic caddy

All that in one product : Booom caddy


Expert sanitaire is a division of Café Expert specializing in corporate distribution for more than 25 years. The company offers a 24-48 hour fast delivery service and also 2 service points to pick up from the warehouse in less than 1 hour in Rivière-des-Prairies in Montreal or in Boucherville on the south shore.


  • Contactless gel dispenser
  • Lexan breath guard (unbreakable)
  • Hand gel
  • Mask and visors
  • Multisurface disinfectant
  • Nitrile and vinyl gloves


In 1970, in Lamorandière in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Rita and Robert Grenier modestly started their fur buying and clothing business. Eight years later, they founded Fourrures Grenier. Inspired by their parents, three of the five children followed in their footsteps and joined the business. Subsequently in 1985, the construction of specially equipped premises in Barraute marked an important stage in the growth of Fourrures Grenier.

For over 30 years, Robert, Rita, Claude, Jeanne and Francine have worked to successfully grow Fourrures Grenier.


  • Washable masks


For 15 years, The Trimétrix Group has been there to serve medical clinics as well as businesses, with quality Quebec products to sanitize, clean and disinfect their workplaces.

Green biotechnological solutions, to sanitize and disinfect hands, counters, furniture, baths, equipment, accessories, walls and floors.

Non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic Quebec products that meet environmental requirements.


  • Anti-Microbe : Sanitizing foam for the hands that does not require rinsing
  • Hi-Gini: Foaming hand soap
  • Multi-Action 3 : Cleaner and sanitizer for counters and work surfaces.
  • Multi-Action 5 : Powerful liquid disinfectant ready to use on work surfaces and equipment.
  • Ato-Quat : Liquid disinfectant with dilution for work surfaces and equipment.
  • Ora : Powerful cleaner for floors and sanitary areas
  • Bioxy-H : Capsule to dissolve in water for the disinfection and sterilization of your instruments.
  • Accessories : Foaming gallon pump / Classic gallon holder or shelf


Party Expert is one of the largest chain of party and costume accessories stores in Canada. Our employees are keen to offer the best possible service, and will be happy to advise you according to your needs and your budget among our thousands of products in inventory.

Party Expert has diversified its product offering in light of the current situation and now offers quality and certified personal protection items.


  • Disposable non-medical masks
  • Washable masks
  • Face shields
  • Protective glasses
  • UVC radiation disinfection items


Présentoirs Élite are there to help you adapt your business to the constraints of social distancing and comply with sanitary recommendations and health measures in Québec.


  • Protection panels & disinfectant stations
  • Signage


For 25 years, RDTS has always been in solution mode for its customers, retailers and manufacturers.

In the context of a delicate recovery, we have adapted our essential merchandising and auditing offer to the retail sector. RDTS is a 100% Quebec-based service company… More than ever, you need us, we need you. If you are looking for a reliable partner to support you in your recovery, contact us at 514.249.2674

Type of products

  • Audit of your network’s compliance with sanitary rules
  • Establishment of traffic flow and signage in stores
  • Order preparation (Drive-in & Web)
  • Checking the integrity of the planography
  • State of stock-outs and inventory taking etc …

E-commerce and digital solutions


Specialized in customer experience, the Audace & Co agency’s mission is to boost your traffic, in pleasant, useful and fruitful conditions, for you, and for your customers. For more than 25 years, we have been designing and deploying attractive and effective solutions to enhance the world of retail and shopping centers.

Type of products

  • Digital solutions: queue and traffic management, online appointment platform, concierge service, etc.
  • Digital games and competitions
  • Brand activation
  • Creation of events


Founded in 2006, Ciao is a dynamic company specializing in web accessibility and inclusive design, systems development, and enterprise 4.0. The competence of our staff, our commitment to our customers and our constant desire to exceed their expectations constitute our trademark.


  • Web accessibility and inclusive design: Accessibility is a set of rules and best practices that allow individuals with permanent, temporary, situational or changing disabilities to freely access the digital world and promote their full participation in society. In Quebec, the disability rate among people 15 years of age and over was 11.9% in 2006. Considering the aging of the population, for example, imagine how high that percentage is today … and think about the number of citizens potentially unable to navigate on many transactional sites because they are not accessible. Ciao is therefore proud to help its customers provide web users with a complete and user-friendly experience, whatever their conditions.
  • Enterprise 4.0: New technologies are being integrated into all areas of a business today. To remain competitive and efficient, companies must adjust their methods to deal with this issue that has become essential. Ciao thus guides its clients through the various stages to enable them to reach the level of digital maturity corresponding to their strategic objectives. From digital audit * to the implementation of the most relevant technological solutions, including the review of their business processes and the management of the changes they cause, Ciao makes sure to develop their digital transformation projects.
  • Systems Development: Aware that organizations have growing needs in terms of digital tools, we have developed a comprehensive and varied range of services in the field of systems development. Designing, developing, maintaining and evolving technologies are daily activities for our enthusiasts. Our objective ? Offer our customers high quality services and solutions specifically tailored to their needs.


CloudRaker – E-commerce solution: Website implementation, integration of e-commerce platform such as Shopify, promotion of your store in digital, social and traditional media.

Type of products

  • E-commerce
  • Digital marketing


With the ever-accelerating pace of change in the retail industry, we are constantly innovating to better help our customers achieve success. Our team of seasoned professionals strives to be the premier business advisor to retailers helping them address their current challenges such as technology strategy and architecture, digital innovation of customer experience, development and execution of business strategies, cost optimization and organizational transformation.

Products and services

  • Technology, Strategy and Architecture: Design and implement technology modernization programs, whether it be merchandise management systems, supply chain planning tools, execution packages or global business solutions.
  • Digital Customer Experience Innovation: Driving a digital transformation that increases customer focus and operational efficiency through omnichannel, e-commerce and in-store technologies.
  • Development and Execution of Business Strategies: Develop strategic growth plans that help companies in the retail sector gain new customers, enter new markets, develop new channels, launch new products and services and to transform in-store activities.
  • Cost Optimization: Develop savings and growth plans to help leaders identify areas to finance to make the investments necessary for growth and expansion.
  • Organizational transformation: Create future of work programs that facilitate the execution of change management mandates and the development of new business models.
  • Deloitte Digital Assets: Developing proprietary solutions that support retailers in solving a wide range of pressing business issues.


DVORE is a 100% Quebec-based e-commerce solution and also an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, allowing data centralization (Big Data) and process automation.


  • E-commerce
  • enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
  • Marketplace for local merchants


Launched four years ago in Lac-Saint-Jean, the Loyalty Boomerang program aims to become the essential platform for local shopping.

The card, which allows consumers to save at local businesses in some municipalities, will morph into a transactional site, featuring products from member merchants. And the most loyal consumers will benefit from discounts on their purchases.


  • E-commerce
  • Loyalty programs


Keeoo.me coordinates traffic wherever there may be a wait. No more traditional queues! Whether it is for customers who want to access a business, pick up an order, obtain expert advice, use a fitting room, etc. Your customers will simply have to have their mobile phone in hand and wait for your invitation SMS. SIMPLE, FAST AND SAFE!

  • Queue management & collection
  • SMS programmed to communicate with customers
  • Waiting time overview
  • Set up in minutes
  • No download needed
  • Customizable SMS
  • Up to 3 modular queues
  • Minimal operating cost (0.15 $ / client)
  • No subscription, no monthly fees


Founded in 2015, Mobilus Technologies markets home delivery management and optimization software. The services offered by the Sherbrooke company to SMEs, more particularly pharmacies, are offered through monthly or annual subscriptions.

Type of products

  • Home delivery management and optimization software


Through a mobile application, we make it possible for retailers to offer home delivery in 4 hours or less – anywhere in the greater Montreal area (around 30 km). We also have several connectors for online stores (Shopify etc). We are affiliated with clients / initiatives such as Ma Zone Québec and Le Panier Bleu. Since the start of Covid-19, we have more than 200 new customers that we serve 7 days a week.

Creating an account and shipping a package takes less than 60 seconds – plus retailers have access to real-time tracking and delivery confirmation.

If you need more information, you can contact us at [email protected] or directly at 1-438-788-3295.


  • Mobile application to manage parcel delivery in the last mile


The Quebec Retail Council (CQCD) wants to help the sector by presenting a directory of its member suppliers, but disclaims all responsibility for the products supplied or the work performed by said companies.