Kindly note that our e-commerce and digital marketing consulting service has reached a maximum number of registrations. We are no longer taking new candidates.

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Free consulting in digital marketing and e-commerce to support retail SMEs on the Island of Montreal.

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What is the free consulting service about ?


An expert in ecommerce and digital marketing will be able to provide technical assistance to a retailer registered with our consulting service, in order to respond to a specific issue. The duration of the consulting is variable, lasting from 50 minutes to 5 hours and can be done by videoconference or by telephone.

Examples of consulting subjects: installation of a Facebook pixel, creation of a store on Google Shopping, needs analysis for the choice of an ecommerce platform, validation and adjustment of the configuration thereof, connection of different platforms between them, recommendations and additions of extensions, UX analysis or website design, SEO recommendations, support for the analysis of submissions, etc.


Retailers joining our program will be able to take advantage of tools (Google Analytics dashboard templates, social media content calendar, newsletters templates, etc.) developed by digital marketing experts, that participants can use as is, and adapt to the needs of their businesses. These templates and tools are built on best practices in the digital marketing field.

To complete the toolbox, we will also offer registered retailers various explanatory documents and content to help them optimize their digital marketing.

They will receive content in the form of blog posts and digital documents to help them find royalty-free image banks, image processing tools, tips for creating their Google my business account, web translation, legal text generators and many other useful content.

Webinars and Online Training

The CQCD also provides open webinars, during which participating retailers familiarize with the steps to follow for the optimization of their online presence, whether through their newsletter, advertisements, SEO or social networks. (in French only)

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, you must meet each of the following conditions:

  • Offering products and services to clients 
  • Being a legally established business in Québec (or in Canada)
  • Having a main commercial office on the Island of Montréal