Anik Pelletier

General director, translation
Financière IGM

Anik Pelletier has been involved in all aspects of language for 30 years. A recognized expert in the field of localization and francization, she has led language teams and francization committees at major companies such as Hudson’s Bay Company, Target and Rogers, working tirelessly to promote language in the workplace. Two of the companies where she led francization efforts won a Mérite du français from the Office québécois de la langue française.

In recent years, she co-authored the CQCD’s recent Guide de bonnes pratiques en matière de francization and led the writing of an inclusive writing guide for the agency Bleublancrouge. She has been called upon by organizations such as the City of Laval, VIA Rail, Desjardins and the Marie-Vincent Foundation for her expertise in this area. Convinced of the importance of adapting her message to current trends, she is interested in the evolution of language from a pragmatic perspective. She has recently taken on the position of General Manager of Translation at IGM Financial. She will soon complete a Master’s degree in Administration specializing in corporate social responsibility.