Purpose of the Quebec Retail Council (CQCD)

The purpose of the Quebec Retail Council (CQCD), Quebec’s leading retail industry association, is to represent, promote and enhance this sector, as well as to develop resources to foster advancement for its members.

Vision of the Quebec Retail Council (CQCD)

Establishing itself as an essential player in Québec’s retail ecosystem and being recognized by all members for its ability to provide innovative solutions to their strategic needs.

How Are We Fulfilling Our Purpose?

The Quebec Retail Council (CQCD) gathers more than 5,000 commercial establishements and accounts for nearly 70% of all economic activity in connection with Quebec’s retail industry. It acts as an advocate for the province’s retail community.

It’s not surprising that governments and major players in the industry are paying close attention to our stances on key topics! We actually catalyze the sector’s major issues. The Québec Retail Council’s (CQCD) leadership has a direct impact on the governments decisions, which may have significant effects on its members.

Overall, and thanks to the CQCD’s various interventions, over half a billion dollars is invested directly into the retail sector. A direct, tangible contribution.


  1. GRADUAL INCREASE OF MINIMUM WAGE : following the CQCD’s repeated interventions, the Québec government has agreed to progressively increase minimum wage. Not only did we aim to give retailers the time to properly prepare, but doing so, we helped them save more than $368 million.
  2. PAYROLL TAX : the CQCD has been advocating for several years now, and the Québec government has reduced the payroll tax, generating a $38 million gain. The CQCD’s interventions continue.
  3. SME INCOME TAX : the CQCD has succeeded in driving an income tax decrease for SMEs, which translates into a reduction of expenses by $28 million.
  4. CROSS-BORDER TRADE : the CQCD is leading a crusade against fiscal inequity with the rise of e-commerce. The Québec government now requires merchants from other provinces to collect and remit sales taxes, generating increased competitiveness and avoiding a price drop for the industry in the amount of $25 million. The battle continues as regards inequities in cross-border e-commerce.
  5. POSTPONED TAX INCREASE : the CQCD was able to persuade the Québec government not to increase the sales tax by 1%, which would have left less money in the consumer’s pocket for purchases. The decrease in sales thus avoided, in addition to the maintained competitiveness, amount to over $25 million for the industry.
  6. A DIGITAL SHIFT THAT IS DOUBLY PROFITABLE FOR MERCHANTS : : retailers’ digital shift drives an investment equivalent to $ 4.6 million in coaching services for 1,300 SMEs from all Québec regions. As well, this initiative has a ripple effect, several of the coached retailers have significantly increased their online sales.
  7. FUNDING AND TAX CREDIT : upon requests by the CQCD, various government programs were made available to the retail sector. The CQCD actually interfered to ensure that Investissement Québec’s ESSOR funding plan, and the tax credit related to IT integration apply to the retail industry, which amounts to a $5 million+ gain. Other enhancement interventions are under discussion.
  8. FAMILY-OWNED BUSINESS SUCCESSION PLANNING : the CQCD is pleased to have taken action to help merchants take advantage of tax relief on the capital gain, and therefore facilitate intergenerational business transfer, for a gain exceeding $3 million.
  9. REGULATORY STREAMLINING : the CQCD is also proud to have contributed in regulatory and administrative streamlining, ensuring a gain of more than $2 million. As well, a recent intervention has recommended seventeen (17) other reliefs which are currently being implemented for additional gains to come.

Source: AppEco. Impact net des mesures pour le commerce de détail, calculé pour 2017

Among our members, one can find every type of retailer, of all sizes, business models and locations :

  • Department stores;
  • Independent businesses and franchisees;
  • Chains and franchisors;
  • Superstores;
  • Purchasing groups;
  • Major retail outlets.

We also have members who, without being retailers, provide products and services to the following clients: real estate developers, financial institutions, professional accountants, equipment suppliers, trainers, advertisers, security agencies and many others.

As CQCD members, businesses benefit from the energy and credibility of a large network serving retailers. Joining CQCD also gives access to preferred services and rates, to achieve considerable cost savings.

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Become a member