Le balado du détail

A podcast dedicated to everything retail in Quebec!

Impactful discussions on the retail sector in Quebec!

Welcome to the audio space for retailers! The Retail Council of Quebec is pleased to present « Le Balado du détail », a platform for discussion about the retail sector in Quebec.

Retailers, industry experts, and RCQ partners will take turns sharing their expertise, experiences, and insights on various topics and issues related to the retail sector.

Happy listening!

The episodes

Episode 6 | Winning strategies for retailers: how to maximize and optimize market share in the data age (in french only)

Dive into Episode 6 of “Le balado du détail,” a space dedicated to discussions and insights on the retail sector in Quebec, hosted by the Retail Council of Quebec.

Nicolas Dessureault reveals Propulso’s innovative approach to helping retailers maximize their market share. What data is essential to monitor? How can it be best analyzed and leveraged? Let’s explore the benefits of their market share reporting tool together.


  • Nicolas Dessureault, Sales Director, Propulso
  • Damien Silès, Executive Director, Retail Council of Quebec

Episode 5 | Beyond brick-and-mortar: the competitive edge of geolocation for retailers (in french only)

For decades, geolocation has been a critical success factor in the retail industry. Geospatial data and technologies are integral to the customer journey, from site selection and home delivery to online orders and inventory management.

Even before the pandemic, selecting the most profitable locations was already a complex task for retailers as they strived to balance their brick-and-mortar network with e-commerce.

Today, lasting changes in consumer habits, combined with technological advancements and personal data governance, are compelling the retail industry to reassess its strategy to stand out in an increasingly competitive market.


  • Jean-Guy Côté, Executive Director, Retail Council of Quebec
  • Jean-Sébastien Guy, President, Korem

Episode 4 | Influencer marketing: boosting the ROI of your ads (in french only)

In an era where data erosion and conversion tracking have become the number one challenge in performance marketing, rethinking the relationship between influencer marketing and advertising is becoming a crucial strategy.

For the 4th episode of our podcast, our director general, Jean-Guy Côté, hosts Charlie Fernandez, CEO of Réverbère Agency, to discuss the essential synergy between influencer marketing and advertising to enhance profitability and return on investment.

Episode 3 – E-commerce: challenges and issues for retailers in regional areas (in french only)

Discussion featuring Jeanne Grenier, CEO of Fourrures Grenier, Alain Lépine, Senior Advisor at Inno-centre specializing in e-commerce, and Jean-Guy Côté, director general of the Retail Council of Quebec.

What challenges do retailers in regional areas face today? While online commerce opens up new opportunities for regional retailers, it also presents its share of challenges. How can retailers in regional areas distinguish themselves from online giants? What strategies and tactics can they implement to gain a competitive edge?

Ms. Grenier will share her experiences and challenges encountered as a retailer based in a regional area.

Episode 2 – RCQ Barometer and consumer trends portrait in Quebec (in french only)

Created in collaboration with ORAMA Marketing, the RCQ Barometer is a monthly research initiative aimed at surveying Quebec consumers. The data helps guide retailers on consumer purchasing intentions, enabling them to make informed decisions to better meet customer expectations. The RCQ Barometer is exclusive to RCQ members.

In this 2nd episode of the “Le balado du détail” we delve into the findings of the RCQ Barometer released on March 24, 2022. This edition focuses on store visitation rates amidst the current health context and Quebec consumers’ purchasing intentions for Easter.

  • Host: Jean-Guy Côté, director general of the Retail Council of Quebec
  • Guest: Éric Martin, President and Founder of ORAMA Marketing

Episode 1 – Fonds de solidarité FTQ : A strategic ally for retailers (in french only)

For this first episode, let’s explore the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, an essential and pivotal partner in the retail sector.

The discussion will focus on the various resources provided to Quebec retailers by the Fonds, its contribution to the growth and transformation of many sector businesses, and strategies for retailers to compete with online giants.

Host: This podcast is hosted by Jean-Guy Côté, director general of the Retail Council of Quebec. Guests: Louis Gourdeau, Director of Investments, and Isabelle Gourdeau, Director of Investments at Fonds de solidarité FTQ.