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The Retail Council of Quebec is a non-profit organization. Its many projects and its team are financed primarily through membership fees, in addition to certain collaborations with partners and events.

The Retail Council of Quebec, a key player in the retail industry

What does it mean to be a member of the Retail Council of Quebec?

The Retail Council of Quebec was created in 1978. It is the largest retail association in Quebec. It operates in a “solutions mode” to help the governments (municipal, provincial and federal) think, strategize and decide on issues that matter to retailers.

The Council is also resolutely involved in their daily lives, which is why its commitment is reflected in concrete actions for the entire retail sector: an active presence in traditional and social media to shape the debates and put the retail sector at the forefront in Quebec, the dissemination of a wide range of content, visits to retailers, training, coaching programs and personalized support, in addition to enriching committees and events that focus on networking and business growth. The Council’s seeks to open discussions; to act as a facilitator of exchange.

Above all, the Council’s mandate is to raise the profile of the retail sector, which represents one-third of the Quebec economy. It’s an innovative sector, in constant development, and teeming with passionate people, from management to advisors!

The Retail Council of Quebec is committed to listening to it’s members and staying ahead of current issues. It keeps abreast of new information, events and regulatory developments. It aims to support and defend the interests of its members and to be ready for any eventuality.

What’s more, the Council is quick to respond by being in constant contact with decision-makers regarding any advances, changes and regulations that come from the government, the municipalities or any other source. For example, the organization has been at the forefront of issues such as store hours, financial assistance and local purchasing. It is also working on current issues such as labor shortages, sustainable development, technology, credit card interchange fees and regulatory relief.

The retail industry in Quebec

Who are our members ?

Among our members, we have all types of retailers, regardless of their size, business model, and location:

  • Department stores;
  • Retail SMEs;
  • Independent retailers and franchisees;
  • Chains and franchisors;
  • Superstores;
  • Buying groups;
  • Mass merchandisers.

We also have other members who, although not retailers themselves, offer products and services to them: real estate developers, financial institutions, accountants, equipment suppliers, trainers, advertisers, security agencies, and many others.

Year-round events tailored for retail businesses!

Hop! The retail summit, the biggest B2B retail event in Quebec

Hop! The Retail Summit is an annual must-attend event in the industry. As a member, you will enjoy significant discounts on your ticket for this flagship event. It’s a unique opportunity to attend inspiring conferences, network with thought leaders, and discover the latest trends and innovations in the retail sector.

Round tables and working committees (by invitation only)

The Retail Council of Quebec organizes several committees (Human Resources, Sustainable Development, Technology and Innovation, Community Commerce). These smaller groups allow retail businesses to discuss issues related to a specific topic and benefit from presentations by experts working with our organization.

Store visits

In order to promote best practices and networking within the sector, we organize store visits to showcase the operational behind-the-scenes, technology, and in-store experience developed by industry leaders.

Logistics tour (visits to warehouses and distribution centers for retail and online stores)

In order to promote best practices related to e-commerce logistics, we offer our members the opportunity to visit logistics sites belonging to medium and large companies in retail and logistics. It’s a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes, discuss, and exchange on best practices in the field.

Private Webinars (year-round)

In addition to our free webinars, Retail Council of Quebec retail members are entitled to exclusive training offered by our growth partners to assist them with their daily challenges and operations.

Unlimited access to replays

Replays of all our webinars are available exclusively to our member companies.

Political events (approx. 4/year)

You’ll be given the opportunity to meet with a relevant Minister or President of a public body to find out where he or she stands on legislative and socio-political issues relating to retail.

Health and safety training at preferential rates

As a member of the Centre patronal SST, the Council offers its member companies access to all the services offered by the Centre on the various aspects of health and safety at work, as well as preferential rates (45% off the regular price) for all training courses and major events (symposiums, prevention mornings, legal meetings, CRHA days), whether face-to-face or virtual.


Exclusive tools and content to promote best practices

Different programs and tools depending on your needs and issues (e.g. HR coaching)

You’ll be the first to participate in a range of programs designed to help you address the issues facing your business, whether you’re an SMB or a large retailer.


Exclusive guides and tools designed to support retailers

Exclusive guides and tools designed to support retailers are reserved for our members. These resources include comprehensive guides on best practices for francization, detailed human resources manuals, and more. Our members gain access to expertly crafted materials that provide valuable insights and practical strategies tailored to the retail industry. These guides are essential for staying updated on industry standards, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing overall business performance.

The RCQ Barometer (5 publications /year)

You’ll have access to a retail sales analysis tool based on monthly surveys that assess the consumer trends and buying habits of Quebec cosumers, and according to several themes/issues.

Annual sales report and perspectives in the Quebec retail industry

Each year, theRetail Council of Quebec, in collaboration with Altus Group, publishes a major exclusive study on the retail and consumer situation in Quebec and Canada over the past year and its outlook for the coming year.

Détail Express (monthly newsletter)

Stay up to date on government, regulations, activities and upcoming projects affecting the retail sector in Quebec.

Tout en détail (approx. 4 publications/year)

Tout en détail offers expert advice and a detailed analysis of a topic in a newsletter to support your business decisions!

Articles / Themed Features

You’ll have access to exclusive content in the form of testimonials, articles and advice to help you understand, inform and inspire you.

Opportunity to be selected for a “Member Portrait” interview

To promote its members, The Council creates portraits of retailers and entrepreneurs who share their stories, successes and challenges with our community.

Media exposure

Has your business been featured in the press? Have you won an award or stood out in a ranking that recognizes your business practices? We’ll share the news on our social platforms, which have a community of more than 25,000 subscribers.

Representation to convey the voice and defend the interests of retail businesses

Responding to your needs, issues and opinions

As a Retail Council of Quebec member, you have several tools to express your concerns and needs. In order to position ourselves and represent the interests of the retail industry to government agencies, we regularly survey our community of member stores.

Public positions and effective interventions with government authorities

Since 1978, the Council has built up a real expertise in representing the sector’s interests, conveying the message that counts in the public and political spheres, at the right time and with the right contacts.

A network of experts to support our positions

Our research and briefs are based on in-depth analysis conducted with experienced professionals who are familiar with the realities and issues facing the retail sector in Quebec. Whether economists, legal experts or operational experts, they work with the Council to support our positions.

Do you have Questions ?

Would you like to speak with a member of our team before signing up for membership? Our membership advisor will be happy to take a moment to talk with you.

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  • Telephone : 514 842-6681
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