How Renaissance Optimized Growth Using Ethical Data

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Renaissance first connected with Propulso in October 2022, at Hop! The Retail Summit. It was the second time that this major gathering of Quebec retailers had been held since the start of the pandemic. And like many other participating businesses, Renaissance was looking for new ways to enhance its growth and market penetration strategies.

Propulso’s self-service platform has given the organization access to a huge amount of ethical data on market share, consumer characteristics, the customer journey and more. As a result, this large Quebec-based social enterprise has been able to quickly achieve measurable results in terms of market penetration and operational efficiencies. Here are some highlights of the collaboration between Propulso and Renaissance.

Missing Information

Like many other retail businesses, Renaissance has often been frustrated by a lack of precise information on its market share and customer base. In pursuit of its social, environmental and economic mission, the organization relies on a unique mix of donors and customers to sustain it financially. With a total of 63 locations—19 thrift shops, 12 specialty stores (boutiques, bookstores) and 32 donation centres—it has often struggled to get its hands on verifiable, accurate, real-world data to support decision-making. But without such data, how can Renaissance effectively plan new locations, adopt better management practices, or attract new customers and donors?

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Innovative Tools

Propulso was an obvious partner for Renaissance. According to Benjamin Mercader, the organization’s operations manager, “From the moment we first encountered the Propulso team at Hop! The Retail Summit in 2022, we were drawn to its entrepreneurial energy, its proactive approach and especially its commitment to ethical data practices. Attractive pricing only made us more confident in our decision to get on board. It was clear that the company could offer services tailored to our needs, even via a self-service platform. Thanks to the outstanding support that Nicolas and Jean-Luc provided early on, and that Jean-Luc continues to provide, we have been able to integrate the platform’s tools into our decision-making process.”

Convincing Results

For a little over a year, Renaissance has been using various reports generated by Propulso’s self-service platform to support decision-making. Changes introduced based on an analysis of the data have clearly had a positive impact. According to the operations manager, “Some locations virtually doubled their market share, from 40% to 60%, within 12 months, based on a comparison of data available on the platform.”

All the data involved was collected, processed and analyzed with the consent of the individuals concerned, in compliance with applicable legislation and Propulso’s strict ethical standards. Renaissance finds this commitment to privacy reassuring, not only in terms of protecting its customers and their personal information, but also with regard to helping its leadership team implement good management practices.

Leveraging Ethical Data

Armed with a clear picture of its customer base, Renaissance was able to not only confirm the validity of its existing target market profile but also make plans to add an age group that accounts for a small but rapidly growing proportion of the organization’s sales and donors.

Likewise, information on consumer characteristics and the customer journey has proven highly useful when selecting new locations. It has also served as the basis for realistic growth projections for the number of customers and donors.

Renaissance’s operations manager notes how, “By analyzing the return customer data, we were able to implement changes that increased the frequency and duration of customer visits.” Visit reports have also helped with prioritizing improvements at certain stores.

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All Signs Point to Sustained Growth

Valuable insights from Geoindicator reports convinced Renaissance to add more resources so it could maximize its use of the platform. Benjamin Mercader clearly has big plans for the months ahead: “Currently, we use about 10% or 15% of the platform’s potential. Based on the results we achieved this year, we want to increase that to about 30% next year. We intend to conduct more regular data analysis for each of our locations as well as for different lines of business. We also want to invest more in GeoMarketing and GeoAudiences so we can provide additional tools to our marketing team for things like recruitment, integration pathway enhancement and connecting with customers.”

Renaissance is committed to seeking out new and useful ways of aligning operational decision-making with available data. As Mr. Mercader explains, “By managing our operations more efficiently, we will be able to make more of a difference in society, which is our ultimate goal. That makes our partnership with Propulso vital to accomplishing our work and achieving our ambition to become one of Quebec’s leading social enterprises.”


Renaissance—Founded in 1994, Renaissance is a Quebec-based nonprofit organization that works to facilitate the social and workplace integration of individuals who face barriers to entering the labour market. At the same time, it promotes a broad-based commitment to taking concrete action on environmental issues. The organization’s threefold mission (social, environmental and economic) guides its efforts to serve the community. By donating to Renaissance or shopping at its stores, you can not only help transform thousands of lives

every year, but also protect the environment by helping keep millions of pounds of clothing and household items out of landfills.

Propulso—Since 2017, Propulso has been developing innovative technologies to harness the power of ethical data. The company provides solutions that allow businesses and governments to overcome major challenges while respecting people’s privacy. Its self-service, web-based (SaaS) platform is used worldwide to generate real-time market research and marketing campaigns based on an array of data sets. Collected with the consent of the individuals concerned, this ethical and anonymous data provides insight into shopping destinations, customer movements, consumer habits, and more. Propulso’s one-of-a-kind approach positions the company as an industry leader, offering solutions that combine innovation with respect for the core values of our society.