Green logistics

Free access for all, Sustainable development June 9, 2021
9:00 am to 10:00 am Online
Fabien Durif, Albert Goodhue, Véronique Poirier, Amélie St-Laurent Samuel, Jean-François Transon

This panel will begin with a presentation of the Écoleader Fund. Initiated by the Government of Quebec, the Écoleader Fund is a large-scale project coordinated by the Quebec Action Fund for Sustainable Development (FAQDD), in collaboration with the Centre québécois de développement durable (CQDD) and Écotech Quebec.

Its objective is to reach 50,000 Quebec companies in order to guide and support them in the implementation of a wide range of eco-responsible business practices and clean technologies. You will discover concrete examples of retail businesses participating in the program.

After the Écoleader Fund presentation, we will follow up with the environmental context of online commerce and in particular product returns and its challenges. This will be followed by a discussion of upstream practices to reduce returns, as well as downstream practices to reduce the environmental footprint. The participating retailer will be able to testify in his field of experience (the footwear sector is more exposed to frequent returns).