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Ministry of Economy and Innovation

The mission of the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation (MEI) is to support the growth and productivity of businesses, entrepreneurship, research, innovation and its commercialization as well as investment, digital development and export markets.

Its action, particularly through its advice to the government, aims to promote the economic development of all regions of Quebec, with a view to sustainable prosperity. The Ministère acts as the bearer of the Government of Québec’s major strategic economic orientations and is the main contact for all economic organizations in Québec.

The Ministry is a partner recognized for its unique expertise as well as for the relevance and effectiveness of its interventions for the success of businesses, carried out in synergy with the various players involved.
More specifically, the MEI’s mandate is to :

  • to develop economic development orientations and objectives;
  • Identify priority economic sectors;
  • offer leading-edge sectoral and financial expertise and collaborate with Investissement Québec to support the most strategic economic projects for Québec
  • to advise the Minister, the government, the ministries and the organizations in matters of economy and innovation.

Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF)

In 1974, the Quebec government made French the only official language of Quebec. The Charter of the French language, adopted in 1977 by the National Assembly, strengthens the status of this language as well as its presence and use in the public space. The Charter revolves around thirteen regulations, which clarify the scope of its various measures. While ensuring that French is the common language of Quebecers in the public sphere, it does not exclude the presence of other languages, except in rare cases.

The Office québécois de la langue française is a public body whose mission is set out in the Charter and its regulations. It ensures that French is the normal and usual language of work, communications, commerce and business in a spirit of justice and openness.

Services Québec

Services Québec is the gateway to government services for citizens and businesses throughout Québec. Its mission is to provide easy access to public services in person, by telephone and online.