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1- Personalized and free support to meet the challenges of Montreal retail businesses

PME en mouvement

The PME en mouvement program offers, remote coaching with an expert to help businesses in the agglomeration of the City of Montreal address issues related to the retail sector.

Advisory and Coaching services are available in the following fields :

  • Sustainable Development/Circular Economy
  • Communication and marketing
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Brand image
  • Other

The duration of the support and coaching will vary between 0.5 h and 15 h per retailer

commerce de détail

How does it work

The PME en mouvement program is free of charge

  • A neutral advisor from the Quebec Retail council (CQCD) is assigned to your business in the chosen field
  • A diagnostic call is made to determine your reality and situation (identify your needs, constraints, objectives)
  • A plan of the next steps is established
  • Work sessions are organized by videoconference to work on the targeted issue
  • The expert-advisor is present and available to accompany the retailer in the implementation of the action plan

Accompagnement d'un commerce

Who is eligible

  • Your business is operating in the retail sector, with or without a storefront.
  • You have at least 2 employees
  • Your company is motivated to invest in its project. A minimum of 3 hours per week is required. You have and/or will have the time and budget to follow the proposed action plan.
  • Your company agrees to make itself available for virtual calls
  • Your company agrees to share business data with its advisor to measure the impact of the coaching on the recovery of its sales and retention / search for new workers (on the impacts of the action plan given to the company)
  • Your company agrees to complete a survey at the end of the program.

2- Discussion tables and workshops on key retail challenges

These discussion tables will be reserved for a maximum of 25 people per session. The workshops will be supervised and animated by a professional and will allow retailers to discuss their challenges, their needs and also their best practices and success stories.

Formation de commerces

3- Tools to promote good practices in human resources and sustainable development/circular economy

Participating in the PME en mouvement program also means being able to take advantage of tools, in digital format, developed by experts in order to adopt good practices and maximize winning strategies to develop your business.

Two toolkits will be offered to participating retailers: one on human resources and the other on sustainable development/circular economy.

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