Rediscover the history of Envoi Québec, the parcel delivery management platform

Partenariat Machool CQCD

Solving the challenges of last-mile delivery

The partnership between the Quebec retail council (QRC) and Machool began in 2019, with the aim of helping retailers reduce their parcel delivery costs, particularly in the last mile. The CQCD is constantly seeking solutions to support Quebec retailers and the local economic fabric. As part of this approach, it naturally joined forces with technology company Machool to launch the Envoi Montréal initiative.

A partnership with the Machool platform

Machool is a logistics technology platform that links retailers and parcel delivery services. It began as a software and technology provider and has built a reputation as an e-commerce logistics platform. The platform was chosen for its simplicity of use and ease of integration with online sales platforms such as Shopify and others.

Vélo cargo électrique

Emphasis on carbon-free shipping and eco-friendly delivery

At the end of summer 2020, the QRC formed a partnership with Coop Carbone, a solidarity cooperative whose mission is to take action in the face of the climate emergency, notably by supporting the implementation of collaborative projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to its network, the cooperative also put Envoi Montréal in touch with a host of low-carbon transporters (by bicycle or electric vehicle) in the Montreal area.

A province-wide project

Together, we developed and presented the project to the City of Montreal in 2020, giving birth to Envoi Montréal.

Building on its success in the early years, the initiative was presented to the Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Energie (MEI) in 2022, who subsequently decided to also support the initiative to propel it across Quebec as part of the Offensive en Transformation Numérique. The initiative then took on the more global name of Envoi Québec.

Envoi Québec is an online platform developed by the QRC, enabling all Quebec merchants to simplify and optimize parcel management, pricing and delivery. Our aim is to promote local, carbon-neutral carriers.

In the future, our aim is to improve our offer of sustainable and ecological transport.


Why choose Envoi Québec for your shipments ?

We help local merchants sell online :

  • A delivery services platform integrated with e-commerce tools
  • All local, regional and national delivery services in one place

We offer merchants competitive rates :

  • Ability to negotiate based on volume – 18% to 35% savings
  • Rates to compete with major online retailers

We develop sustainable local delivery :

  • Addition of carbon-free delivery services
  • Piloting unique, carbon-free pick-up rounds
  • Supporting all initiatives that enable improvement right from the delivery stage

–> Envoi Québec now counts over 350,000 shipments since 2022

–> And 54,000 carbon-free shipments by 2022

You can also benefit from transport insurance :

Transport insurance is available on our platform to ensure the delivery of valuable parcels. Goods insurance provides compensation in the event of physical loss or damage to goods during transport, and extends to cover goods temporarily stored during transport.

Test a new option for calculating taxes on delivery charges :

Discover the example of Le Nid d’Atelier

–> Le Nid d’Atelier is artist Marie-Michèle Desmarais’s collection of animal illustrations, charcoal artworks to bring life to your nest. In this example, she particularly appreciates Envoi’s analysis tools.

In this article, Marie-Michele Desmarais particularly appreciates Envoi’s analysis tools. From shipment breakdowns to monthly costs and expenses, Envoi provides her with invaluable information on her shipping operations. What’s more, the platform features a tax calculator that allows you to calculate taxes on all your shipments, based on the selected period. It’s a practical tool that’s important when it comes to declaring taxes and business expenses.

Charles, who runs a small shoe store, wants to send his parcel by Canada Post, as he normally does.

While surfing on social networks, he came across a CQCD announcement about the Envoi Québec platform and signed up in just 2-3 clicks.

He then has access to all the most competitive rates on the market for his shipment. What’s more, he’s increasingly concerned about the environment and sustainable practices for his business. Envoi Québec’s cargo bikes and electric trucks are a perfect fit.

All this saves him money on his shipment, and what’s more, he’s doing something for the planet.

He’s so pleased that he’s talking to other businesses around him, who are also keen to try out this innovative solution.


Test Envoi Québec now !

Our partners include Air Canada Cargo and Spring, who are now opening up markets in the USA and Europe at very competitive prices.


Air Canada Cargo is an award-winning provider of air cargo services. It is Canada’s largest air cargo provider by cargo capacity, with a presence in over 50 countries and self-managed hubs.

This is the international division of Dutch e-commerce and postal services company PostNL. It offers mail, parcel, customs clearance and returns solutions to businesses worldwide. Spring GDS helps companies grow internationally and facilitates international shipping with intelligent cross-border e-commerce solutions. 


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