Architecture and in-store experience : the Decathlon vision

Innovation, Retail, Customer experience October 5, 2022
4:10 pm to 4:45 pm 517 CD
Isabelle Blondet-Gonte, Ambroise Senée

In recent years, the store and the customer journey have undergone major transformations, whether in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic or in order to be more in line with the expectations of today’s consumers, who are more demanding, more informed, more eco-responsible and who want a more personalized experience.

The in-store experience: spotlight on Decathlon

Isabelle Blondet-Gonté has been actively involved in designing the physical spaces of Decathlon stores around the world for nearly 20 years. As head of architecture and co-leader of the 2030 strategic vision, she will talk about the French brand’s in-store experience, which has redefined its points of sale and physical spaces to make them experiential destinations for an engaged community.

Whether it’s the layout of spaces, the eco-responsibility of buildings or the integration of digital technology to personalize the in-store customer experience, come and discover the Decathlon vision!