The circular transition of my retail business, why and where to start ?

Sustainable development, Circular economy October 6, 2022
11:20 am to 11:55 am Room 516
Natacha Beauchesne, Sabrina Cholette

What is the circular economy? What opportunities does it present for retail? Where do we start? What resources are available to support retailers? How and why is the City of Montreal focusing on the circular economy as one of the solutions to the climate challenge?

The circular economy is a real economic opportunity for the retail sector. Much more than a concept, the circular economy is made up of several concrete strategies that contribute to achieving the ambitious objectives of carbon neutrality and zero waste. The city of Montréal and Synergie Montréal invite you to discover the various strategies behind the concept through concrete examples of Montréal businesses that are implementing them.

You will learn more about the city’s vision for developing circularity on its territory and supporting the ecosystem, as well as about the resources available to you and the solutions available to you to develop your market through the circular transition of your business.