The future of AI and analytics for SMBs

Artificial intelligence, Retail October 6, 2022
1:40 pm to 2:15 pm Room 514
Johnson Joseph

Johnson will briefly introduce his expertise and experience in finance and technology and discuss how these sectors relate to SMEs in Canada. Then, he will discuss the progression of the SME Business Portal from its inception and deployment in China, to its refinement and launch in Canada as the Cubeler SME Business Portal that leverages AI and data analytics. AI drives and facilitates funding, advertising, networking and insights for SMBs. All of this serves to highlight the fundamental benefits that AI and data analytics automation offers to SMEs. In today’s society, automation is no longer just a luxury; leveraging AI and data analytics is essential for SMEs to compete with large enterprises. It is the only way for SMEs to grow and remain competitive in today’s market.
The discussion with participants will focus on:

  • The lack of business intelligence support for SMEs;
  • How AI and data analytics can support SMEs in Canada;
  • The proven business concept of the Cubeler Business Portal and how it has evolved and become established in Canada.