Unified commerce: Discover Jeff de Bruges’ strategy for success

Digital transformation October 26, 2023
11:55 am to 12:30 pm Riverfront Pavilion
Dennys Larrieu, Sabrina Grammer, Thavy Khamtan

Unified Commerce has emerged as one of the key forces driving the retail industry to transform. Its thoughtful adoption is driving significant improvements in the customer experience, optimization of operations and a stronger competitive position.

During this conference, we’ll have the opportunity to explore the current state of unified commerce in Canada, while benefiting from the experience of General Manager of chocolate and confectionery retailer Jeff de Bruges. Back in 2020, this company adopted a unified commerce approach within a hybrid model combining franchises and stores. This has enabled it to guarantee its customers a consistent experience, whether shopping online or in-store. In the course of our presentation, we’ll have the opportunity to hear about the successes, the challenges and the lessons they’ve learned during their organizational, human and technological transformation.