Transition écologique et économie circulaire pour les commerces - Outils

The Retail Council of Quebec is pleased to present a toolbox to help retailers make the green transition. These tools have been developed by our experts in order to support retailers in the adoption of best practices and successful strategies for a more sustainable and circular economy. This toolbox is offered as part of the PME en mouvement support program, made possible thanks to the financial contribution of the City of Montréal. Have a look at our resources and take action today for a greener future!

Introduction to ecological transition and the circular economy in the retail sector

transition écologique et économie circulaire dans le commerce de détail

Discover our comprehensive guide to undertaking the ecological transition and adopting a circular economy approach in your business. You’ll find key information on the challenges and opportunities, as well as practical advice on how to get started.

  1. Circular transition and circular economy in the retail sector
  2. Circular and ecological transition challenges and opportunities for your business
  3. How to start a circular and ecological transition process in your retail business?
  4. Further information

Improving the management of residual materials through circularity

Gestion des matières résiduelles - économie circulaire

Reduce your environmental footprint, innovate and create opportunities for your business by rethinking your processes and optimizing the use of materials already in circulation. Consult our document to find out more about the best practices and initiatives available to help you differentiate your business and make a real difference for the planet.

  1. Introduction to waste management in a circular logic
  2. Reduce at source
  3. Reuse
  4. Recycle
  5. Recover
  6. Further information

Improve responsible procurement for your business

approvisionnement responsable et locale

Find out how to improve responsible procurement in your retail business with this practical guide. The eight sections of this document cover key topics such as product sourcing, raw materials, packaging, product usage, engaging suppliers in the circular and ecological transition, structuring your responsible sourcing approach, as well as additional information to help you. Adopt a responsible approach today to optimize your impact on the environment, the community and the local economy.

Improve sustainable mobility. Optimize your company’s delivery logistics.

Mobilité et logistique durable pour les commerces

Discover our guide to sustainable logistics and mobility in the retail sector. It offers practical advice to help you rethink and optimize the transport and travel associated with your business, while making savings at the same time. On the one hand, you’ll get tips on how to develop sustainable mobility for your team and your customers. On the other, we’ll show you best practices for rethinking and optimizing your deliveries.

Improve the responsible communication of your company

Communication responsable - Commerce de détail

Discover our fact sheet on responsible communications for companies with a commitment to environmental transition. This practical tool offers sound advice on how to communicate responsibly, avoiding greenwashing while highlighting your concrete actions for a sustainable future. In particular, you’ll discover effective strategies to help you promote your environmental initiatives, engage your target audiences, and build your reputation.