Accelerate your carbon neutrality trajectory, now! - CQCD

Accelerate your carbon neutrality trajectory, now!

Webinars 25 October 2022
11:00 Online
Conférence Salesforce net zero cloud

This webinar is offered in the framework of TAG – A new perspective on today’s retail business event

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Presentation will be in french

The transition to a low-carbon economy is becoming increasingly important for the future of our planet and humanity. The topic of sustainability is essential: consumers are placing more and more importance on it and investors are demanding more and more transparency.

This requires immediate action. Organizations of all sizes are therefore committing to Net Zero goals. They need to generate a clear picture of their current carbon emissions, as well as their future projections. A comprehensive source of information with reliable data across the value chain is needed for these organizations to analyze their CO2 emissions, implement effective measures, and communicate to their stakeholders.

With Net Zero Cloud from Salesforce, companies can reach their net zero goal faster. Join us for this webinar and learn how Net Zero Cloud can help your business to :

  • centrally read and analyze data on its CO2 emissions
  • Track, report and analyze your carbon footprint
  • Achieve Net Zero status faster