How to recruit internationally : processes, challenges and advice

Offered in the framework of the Accompagnement RH support program

Webinars 20 October 2021
9:30 Online

Human resources training to understand all the challenges of international recruitment for a Quebec company

The webinar will be in french only and is offered in the framework of the Accompagnement RH support program

Is Your Business Growth decreasing because of labor shortage? Are you thinking of developing a sustainable competitive advantage by recruiting employees from abroad? Establishing your international recruitment strategy starts with a better understanding of the different facets of the process.

As part of this interactive training, we will discuss in detail the 3 phases of international recruitment:

  1. Recruitment: targeting your needs & carefully selecting your candidates;
  2. Immigration: determine the most suitable immigration strategy, deadlines, costs & employer obligations;
  3. Integration: ensuring the proper integration of candidates into the company.

Using concrete situations, the webinar will focus on equipping small and large companies to face the challenges of recruiting abroad.

Speakers / Trainers

Picture of David Goldrick


After setting up and participating in the development of the business mobility and immigration department at Mallette LLP, David joined the international recruitment firm WE Recrutement in order to devote his activities to supporting Canadian companies affected by labor shortage.

Laurence Béliveau-Hamel, President, WE recruitment

Holder of a Master’s degree from HEC Montreal in organizational development, a Bachelor’s degree in human relations and human resources communications and an AEC in immigration law, the president of WE Recrutement is passionate about human behavior. As a consultant, Laurence has supported several entrepreneurs and SME managers in the strategic development of their human resources and she is well aware of labor issues. Through her experience, Laurence can assist employers in the recruitment of temporary foreign workers. She specializes in employee engagement and understands that companies need to build on the motivation and engagement of their employees to stay successful and stand out. She can also demonstrate that the integration of foreigners into Quebec businesses becomes an invaluable competitive advantage, and above all, the solution to the difficulties of attracting labor.