HR trends : How to use Tiktok to recruit employees?

In the framework of the Accompagnement RH – Human ressources support and training program for retailers

Webinars 11 November 2021
8:30 Online
Webinaire recrutement sur TikTok

Human ressources trends : recruiting with TikTok

Objectives of the webinar

  • Better understand the use of TikTok as a recruiting tool
  • Learning the best practices to post recruitment ads on TikTok

Main topics

  • What is TikTok and how to use it for your recruiting?
  • What should you know before posting on TikTok?
  • How to post a recruitment video on TikTok, from A to Z?


Photo de Marianne Lemay

Marianne Lemay, President and founder of Kolegz

  • More than 10 years of experience in human resources, marketing & technology
  • Built 2 HR departments and 1 marketing department for companies such as GSOFT and CANGAROO
  • Bachelor of Marketing and Communication
  • Nova certified coach