The Quebec retail gala and recognition Evening

A celebration evening for the retail industry in Quebec!

Events 5 October 2022
6:45 Palais des congrès de Montréal
retail gala

A celebration evening for the retail industry in Quebec!

On October 5, the Quebec retail gala and recognition evening will be held as part of the 9th edition of TAG – A new perspective on today’s retail business event. Organized by the Quebec Retail Council, this event will be a unique opportunity to bring together the entire retail industry in a convivial atmosphere to celebrate the businesses and industry players who have distinguished themselves during the year.

10 companies rewarded at the Retail Recognition Awards

The purpose of the awards is to recognize businesses that have distinguished themselves through their know-how, initiative and commitment, their leadership role and their community involvement, in order to build the Quebec of today and tomorrow. This is an opportunity to highlight their work and to promote successful companies related to the retail sector.

Here are the 10 categories of the Retail Recognition Awards:

1 – Builder’s tribute

This award recognizes a retail manager/owner who, in his or her own way, has contributed to shaping Quebec’s retail industry, highlighting and enhancing a sector that contributes significantly to Quebec’s economic growth.

2 – International market conquest

This category recognizes a retailer that has successfully launched its operations in foreign markets. Entering new markets is a double challenge: not only does it often mean new opportunities, but it also means knowing how to stand out and position yourself advantageously in an unfamiliar market.


  • Quartz Co.
  • Aritzia
  • Surmesur

3 – Societal and environmental champion

Today’s businesses are increasingly thinking about the impact of their operations, from the beginning to the end of the value chain. Retailers, being in constant contact with customers, have a role to play in terms of product life cycle, environmental and social awareness. This category is designed to recognize a retailer who has taken action to do their part in becoming a more responsible company, whether it be environmental or on a social level, having a positive impact on the community.


  • Lifewithoutplastic
  • Goodee world
  • Solios

4 – Visionnary human ressources practices

In these times of labour shortage, retailers must adopt increasingly innovative human resources strategies. Various practices can be put in place to promote an organizational culture that is increasingly adapted to the needs of the organization: for example, family-work balance, training, equity, diversity and inclusion practices, among many others. This award is intended to recognize a visionary retailer who has distinguished itself by implementing exemplary human resources practices.


  • Popeye’s Suppléments
  • Boutique 1861
  • Bon Look

5 – Digital project of the year

The digital project of the year award illustrates the success of a digital initiative, which stands out at all levels, combining an excellent use of technological tools, a website of undeniable quality and a harmonious integration of digital into the entire organization.


  • Maturin
  • La Vie en Rose
  • Altitude Sports

6 – Innovative startup of the year

Starting a business requires a strong confidence in one’s ideas, an adapted strategy in order to face the disruptive elements that can be found on the way, as well as knowledge of one’s field and optimism. Therefore, the recipient company will be rewarded for its originality and innovation. The success of a start-up company can be measured not only by the public’s attention to the project, but also by the fact that the project represents something new and that the company has been able to demonstrate its expertise.


7 – Best “buy local” campaign or initiative

This award recognizes a company’s commitment to producing and selling local products, while launching efficient “buy local” promotion campaigns.


8 – Local business of the year

This category is used to reward a local business that has been able to develop and retain its clientele over time, while innovating and contributing to local economic development.


9 – Glowing member of the Quebec Retail Council

Wishing to recognize and thank the involvement of its members, the Quebec Retail Council has established this special award to recognize the long-standing participation of one of it’s members for his or her constant presence at events and activities over the years.

10 – Special prize jury

The special prize jury Award will be given to a unique company that stands out from the crowd, regardless of the category, and that has impressed the jury and stood out in one way or another. Special mention to the company that has adapted and repositioned its business model after the pandemic.


  • Chantal, Durivage, EVP Creative Development, Sensation Mode
  • Louise Faubert, Director, Omer DeSerres Circle
  • Charles De Brabant, Executive Director, Bensadoun School of Retail Management (Mcgill)
  • Manuel Champagne, General Manager, Détail Québec
  • Josée Chiasson, Director of Economic Development, City of Montreal
  • Gaëlle Klein, Digital Advisor
  • Daniel Michaud, Coordinator – Local Purchasing Department, MEI
  • Karina Serei, Directrice principale opérations et communications, Quebec Retail Council

Kindly note that a ticket for the Recognition evening does not give you access to the two days of TAG – A new perspective on today’s retail business event. Similarly, tickets to the TAG – A new perspective on today’s retail business event do not give access to the Recognition evening.

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