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Our team of experienced professionals strives to be the #1 business advisor to retailers, whose challenges we help address through:

  • Technology strategy and architecture : Design and implementation of technology modernization programs—ranging from merchandise management systems and supply chain planning to execution packages and full-scope enterprise solutions.
  • Digital customer experience innovation : Digital transformation that increases the focus on customers and drives operational efficiencies through omnichannel, e-commerce, and in-store technology.
  • Business strategy development and execution : Strategic growth plans that help retail companies reach new customers and markets, develop new channels, launch new products and services, and transform their in-store operations.
  • Cost optimization: Save-to-grow plans that help leaders identify where and how they can fund the investments required to grow and scale.
  • Organization transformation : Future-of-work programs that facilitate change management mandates and help develop new operating models.
  • Deloitte’s digital assets : Proprietary solutions that help retailers solve a wide range of pressing business problems.