Logo of LIDD



We are supply chain consultants. We help build supply chain infrastructure that responds to consumer demand, protects capital and enables world-class operations. Our multi-disciplinary approach and data-driven methodology afford us an end-to-end view on distribution operations, making it possible for us to develop and implement solutions for a perfectly integrated supply chain.

Our expert teams of consultants, analysts, designers, engineers, programmers, and industrial real estate brokers perform enhanced analyses and diagnoses, achieve flawlessly implemented technological solutions, and develop highly detailed future-state roadmaps to guide companies towards the fulfilment of their objectives.

LIDD was founded in Montréal in 2009. From the very beginning, LIDD’s founders have been dedicated to protecting our clients’ capital in the design and implementation of supply chain operations. Today, with offices in Montréal, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Seoul, LIDD counts more than a hundred employees.