Envoi Montréal - Quebec Retail Council (CQCD)

Envoi Montréal, a urban, local and environmentally-friendly delivery service, that meets the needs of retail businesses on the Island of Montréal

The Quebec Retail Council (CQCD) is always looking for solutions to support retailers and the local economic fabric. The context of the COVID-19 pandemic has served as a driver of e-commerce and the digital shift for retailers, creating an actual need for efficient, affordable and environmentally responsible delivery services. As part of this process, the CQCD has partnered with the City of Montréal to offer a new platform supporting your shipping needs, whatever the size of your business.

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Envoi Montréal

Need for quick delivery, environmental issues, cost cutting… Envoi Montréal is here for you!

Envoi Montréal allows you to answer all your shipping needs on one single platform, to take advantage of the best shipping prices. No installation or configuration required; register and start shipping in a few minutes.

Why choose Envoi Montréal for your shipping?

Competitive rates

Once you’ve created an Envoi Montréal account, you’ll benefit from pre-negotiated shipping prices with your service providers.

An environmentally-friendly delivery

For the purpose of promoting sustainable and responsible transport, we provide you with a carbon neutral alternative*, not generating any greenhouse gases. This offer also helps reduce a multitude of nuisances and pollution caused by traditional transport of goods in cities. 

*When carbon neutral transport is possible in the metropolitan area.

Connect your carrier account to Envoi Montréal

If you already have an account with FedEx, UPS, DHL, Nationex, Chasseurs Courrier, Canpar, GLS, Postes Canada, Dicom, BoxKnight, Purolator or Courant Plus, connect your account to our platform and compare your shipping prices.

A fast and simple connection between your e-commerce and the delivery platform

Connect your Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Etsy, Lightspeed, Magento, Panierdachat, Bigcommerce or Dvore ecommerce to receive orders and prepare shipping labels. 

A directory of all your senders and recipients in one single address book

Save time by avoiding data entry, with a comprehensive address book for all your senders and recipients.

Analytics and business intelligence

You will benefit from comprehensive analyses of your shipping operations, helping you take better decisions regarding your shipping resources. 

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Envoi Montréal