Francization guide for retail businesses in Quebec - CQCD

A guide to help retailers and businesses meet their francization obligations

couverture guide de francisation pour les commerces

Some context

The situation of French in Quebec is regularly in the news. This is a delicate subject, imbued with a strong socio-political context. The statistics show it: the use of French has been declining for several years in Quebec, particularly in the greater Montreal area. Everyone is responsible for contributing to the influence of French in Quebec: government, population, businesses and retailers.

To support the efforts of retailers in the promotion and use of quality French, the CQCD offers you this Guide to francization in businesses. You will find contextual and practical information, including a checklist on your obligations as an employer and as a retailer.

You will see that with the right approach, francization has several advantages and is not as complex as you might think.

The Office québécois de la langue française also offers the Memo service, my assistant for francization, for businesses that employ less than 50 people.

This guide was produced in collaboration with the Bleublancrouge agency, which offers francization support services to businesses and retailers doing business in Quebec and LDALÉGAL INC., And is made possible thanks to the financial contribution of the Office, as part of the program “Le français, au cœur de nos ambitions”.


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