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Accompagnement RH is a support and training program to help retailers optimize the management of their human resources

After supporting more than 175 retailers during the first two editions of the human resources coaching program, Accompagnement RH, the Quebec Retail Council is pleased to announce the start of registration for the third edition of its’ well known HR Coaching program. Accompagnement RH is offered thanks to the financial contribution of the Quebec government.

Human ressources support program for retailers in Quebec

What does the human ressources program offer to retailers ?

HR support and coaching program

1. Personalized professionnal support from human Ressources experts

Individual working sessions, offered remotely, with an expert in human resources, which aims to offer personalized and punctual coaching to retailers. The purpose of this coaching is to help retailers implement concrete actions to optimize the management of their human resources, specifically in the current labor shortage context in Quebec. This service is offered in the form of a personalized action plan (best practices and recommendations relative to the retailer’s situation).

Consultations duration with the HR expert varies between 0.5 h to 15 h to help retailers with a targeted issue, for example on :

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Conflict management
  • Employer branding
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion




Human ressources workshop

2. Workshops and discussion groups focused on human resources in a retail business

These hybrid (virtual/face-to-face) discussion tables will be reserved for a maximum of 25 people per session. The workshops will be facilitated by a human resources professional and will address current industry issues.

Retailers who have participated in the coaching program will be invited to participate in the discussion tables.


Webinars in human ressources

3. Training webinars in human resources

The HR Coaching program also includes webinars to train and inform retailers about trends, best practices and the various issues related to human resources management. The Quebec Retail Council calls on recognized experts in their field to present these webinars, which will cover topics such as recruitment, retention, employee mobilization, HR marketing, employer brand and many other subjects.

You can check our events section in order to see our upcoming webinars.



Each participant in the program will benefit from tools, documents and animated vignettes developed by human resources experts based on best practices and arising from recurring issues encountered by retailers.

Retailers will be able to consult and use these tools as is or by adapting them to their business model.

If you participate in the program, you will also be able to profit from a 29-page guide developed by HR experts, that contains all the elements that will enable retailers to manage their human resources in an optimal manner (available to program participants and CQCD members).



  • Company with 5 or more employees
  • Being located in the province of Québec
  • The company will be motivated to invest in its project. A minimum of 3 hours of availability per week is required. The company has and/or will have the time and budget to follow the proposed action plan.
  • The company agrees to make itself available for virtual meetings
  • The company agrees to share business data with its advisor to measure the impact of the coaching on the recovery of its sales and retention / search for new workers (on the impacts of the action plan given to the company)
  • The company is a retail business, with or without a storefront.

Costs of the Accompagnement RH support and training program

  • 10$ per hour of consultation