The digital shift support program has reached its full capacity.

After a successful first phase, the Digital Shift support program builds partnerships with key players of the local economy, and keeps the momentum!

After coaching over 1,325 retailers across Québec during its first phase, the Digital Shift program keeps the momentum by building partnerships with key players of the local economy, in order to continue helping Québec retailers take the digital shift and migrate toward transactional e-commerce.

  • Digital Shift program for Montreal Retailers – The CQCD has signed a partnership with City of Montréal for the coaching of 550 retailers from the Island of Montréal, through their digital shift
  • The CQCD has signed an agreement with Innovation et Développement économique Trois-Rivières for the coaching of 25 retailers, in their digital shift:
  • The CQCD has signed an agreement with SADC des LaurentidesMRC des Pays-d’en-HautCorporation de développement économique de la MRC des Laurentides and Service Québec in order to coach the region’s retailers:
  • The CQCD has entered into an agreement with Tourisme Autochtone Québec to help its members who want to improve their digital presence.

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Some context : A customized coaching program to help retail SMEs to sell online

The Quebec Retail Council (CQCD), in partnership with the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation, offered a bold program to help retail SMEs to sell online. The 1st phase ended in december 2019 enabling the migration of 1,325 retailers to transactional online sales and e-commerce.

Nowadays, the Digital shif program for Quebec retailers is carried out with local economic bodies: municipalities, chambers of commerce, sociétés de développement commercial (SDCs) and industry associations.


What does the digital shift and coaching program involve ?

This program includes:

  • Services from CQCD e-commerce and digital marketing experts
  • An approach that is tailored to physical distancing measures and telework
  • A process that is customized and results-driven
  • Monitoring and establishing performance indicators throughout the process

The coaching provided by the CQCD experts covers various themes, such as the selection of an e-commerce platform, digital marketing, the optimization of a transactional website, Social media management, online advertising, search engine optimization (SEO).

To be eligible, you must meet each of the following conditions:

  • Offering products and services to clients
  • Being a legally established business in Québec (or in Canada)
  • Having a main commercial office in Québec


The plan aims to provide coaching for retailers across the province with their digital shift focused on transactional online sales. Phase 1 was completed in December 2019 and helped  coach more than 1,325 retailers throughout Québec. Currently, the program continues in partnership with key players of the local economy.

No, not as part of this initiative. Under this program, the retailer benefits from the coaching and support required for their shift toward transactional online e-commerce.

Essentially, it targets retailers with 50 employees or less and solid business basics. These retailers come from all Québec regions and all retail sub-sectors.

Phase 1 of the Digital Shift Program ended in December 2019 and enabled the coaching of over 1,325 retailers across Québec. Currently, the plan continues in partnership with key players of the local economy.

Retailers taking part in the coaching plan are selected in association with local bodies: the  SDC, the Chamber of Commerce or an industry association. The CQCD will contact these various bodies over the course of the project.

Once you have been selected to participate in the project, a coach will be assigned to you. On-site, they will start by making a clear diagnosis regarding your situation. Then, you will have the opportunity to choose a supplier that meets the needs of this situation and your business objectives. Finally, you will attend a course. In total, the intervention involves five (5) days of coaching.

More than 1,325 retailers are coached throughout Québec

Discover some profiles of retailers that took part in the Digital Shift Program

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