Anthony Amiel

Amiel Group

An insatiable entrepreneur, Anthony Amiel is always on the lookout for solutions to optimize workplace efficiency, or an opportunity to complement his business ecosystem. As a good leader, he remains on the lookout for managerial trends and ensures the motivation of his troops. His motto: accountability. The social responsibility of his organization is therefore naturally at the heart of his entrepreneurial thinking.

For more than a decade, Anthony has been working in the field of household appliance distribution, after taking over and developing the activities of the Distinctive family business, he founded the Amiel Group, having for ambition to acquire a retail network, he bought the market leader, Corbeil Électroménagers.

Anthony is a visionary, he wants to get closer to the consumer, reinvent the relationship with household appliances and offer a unique and unforgettable experience in the purchase of these everyday products. He constantly focuses on imagining inspiring point of sales, simplifying the consumer’s journey, meeting their expectations in terms of ecology while offering them unparalleled service throughout the lifespan of household appliances.