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Bernard Godbout

Vice President of Marketing and Merchandising

In January 2018, Mr. Bernard Godbout was appointed Vice President of Marketing for Familiprix.  He held this position for two years and was later promoted to Vice President of Marketing and Merchandising for the company.

During his 32 years of experience, Mr. Godbout has held various executive and management positions in retail operations, merchandising and marketing for several retail chains in the pharmaceutical and food sectors.

Mr. Bernard Godbout is a graduate in Business Administration from Université Laval. 

With his in-depth knowledge of consumer behaviour and the extensive experience he has acquired throughout his career, Mr. Godbout will use all of his skills to propel Familiprix’s growth.

Familiprix Inc. is a group of 420 independent pharmacist-owners throughout Quebec and New Brunswick and is a leader in the retail pharmaceutical sector.