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Ève Laurier

General Manager
Edelman Montréal

Ève Laurier has more than 20 years of experience in communications and marketing. Known for her passionate leadership, she has a unique and innovative vision thanks to which she always achieves remarkable results. Today, Ms. Laurier manages the Montreal office of Edelman. Determined and ambitious, she made her mark both on the local and international scenes. Guided by a collaborative approach, she has kept assuming more responsibilities and management tasks since joining the team. Among her accomplishments is the successful transformation of several brands and the structuring of her various teams in-house. She also supported the growth of Québec and multinational companies from a variety of sectors.

One of Ève Laurier’s strong suit is collaborating with local companies that rely on real values. For example, if she feels a connection with a company sharing her vision or selling products that reflect her own values, she will leverage her professional network and do everything in her power to work with this company. Ève Laurier is much more than a consultant: she is an ambassador for her clients, employees and partners. Her strong network is at the centre of her business expansion strategy; it allows her to form major partnerships with all types of organizations.

Over the years, Ève Laurier quickly became an important player in Québec’s business community. During her time at Richter, where she was Marketing and Strategic Relations Vice-President, she worked on repositioning the brand to give the firm a new, modern and more accessible identity. She restructured the marketing team to reposition the company, which is now the ninth most important accounting and consulting firm in Canada.

From her very first day at Edelman in 2014, she made the Montréal office a true reference when it comes to public relations and marketing in Québec and Canada. In a little over three years, she attracted prestigious clients, assembled a highly-competent team and brought a new and fresh communications approach. Under her leadership, Edelman Montréal proved to be a true springboard for several clients looking to expand both locally and abroad.

Since she first started her career, Ève Laurier has actively contributed to the growth of the communications sector. In Montréal, her point of view on communication, business and philanthropy is often solicited. She is considered a communications leader within the Montréal business community, especially regarding crisis management.

A true visionary, Ève Laurier never settled for simply reaching set goals. As an example, as soon as she accepts a new position, she sets out to assess the real needs of the organization for which she works. She adapts her role, getting personally involved or encouraging employees to do so, and demonstrates both audacity and determination to be assigned and carry out mandates reflecting her passions and ambitions.

Ève Laurier is involved in several industry events and was president of the Jury Corporate & PR at the 2018 Cristal Media & Advertising Summit.