Josée Shushei Leblanc - CQCD

Josée Shushei Leblanc

Founder and owner
Atikuss Canada

Josée Shushei Leblanc is a member of the Innu First Nation of Uashat mak Mani Utenam located near Sept Iles.

She has been evolving for about twenty years within the First Nations organizations of Quebec in Canada. A versatile woman, she has acquired a variety of experience through her career path, which has made her a complete businesswoman. She began her career in the field of communications as well as in the organization of events both internationally and at home. She has hosted many events and given conferences on various subjects. She also spent a few years as the Executive Director of a Friendship Centre.

Throughout this very active life, she found the time to write, today a Best Seller in Quebec, a fascinating book authenticated by the greatest anthropologists in the country on the first encounters and historical facts unknown to the common man.

She was also a columnist for Radio-Canada for a while, and then found herself in the seafood processing business as the General Manager of a large group, before finally creating her own company in the arts, hospitality and communications. Through all these experiences that have enriched her on different levels, she has also led the career of international artist Ernest Aness Dominique for nearly a decade until today.

Her company recently received the prestigious Aboriginal Tourism Business of the Year award from Tourisme Autochtone Québec, during the Grand Circle of First Nations where she participated in a plenary session with Peter Simons.

On March 8th, during the same day of the women’s rights, she was suggested unknowingly as a candidate for the Canadian Grand Prix for Women Entrepreneurship. She was also named one of the 25 leaders of impact in Quebec by Femme Essor, now Evol, chaired by Danièle Henkel.