Marie Beaupré

Co-owner and head of research and development
Les Mauvaises Herbes

Co-owner and head of research and development at Les Mauvaises Herbes, Marie is a biologist by training and has evolved in the community world as executive director of an NPO, before making the leap into entrepreneurship. Passionate about finding solutions, a self-taught service geek and “unstoppable”, entrepreneurship is the perfect creative playground to satisfy her brain’s constant need to innovate.

Brief description of Les Mauvaises Herbes

Les Mauvaises Herbes is an invitation to live differently.

Entirely run by women, the company specializes in designing unique skincare products and recipes highlighting local plants.

Les Mauvaises Herbes offers a wide selection of ingredients to make products at home, as well as workshops and ecological accessories to help clients achieve a more grounded (and slightly rebellious!) lifestyle.

Authors of the books À fleur de pots : cosmétiques maison simples et Remue-ménage : produits ménagers maison, Les Mauvaises Herbes invites us to make a powerful – but gentle – revolution in our lives.