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Mathieu Hoste

CEO and founder
Oleka Canvas

Owner of Oleka Canvas, a company specializing in wall art, Mathieu has always dreamed of starting his own business.

Nutrition and global health were his first steps in management. At the age of 21, he quickly climbed the ladder to become the fitness director for a group of 6 training centers and then manager for one of the biggest players in Canada. During this period, he had the opportunity to work with inspiring and experienced managers who helped him understand the different aspects of the entrepreneurial role.

During this period, he started the process of buying a training center with a partner. After a year of progress, the project did not see the light of day. This experience was very formative and 1 year later he officially launched Oleka Canvas.

Today, Mathieu and his team offer works by Quebec artists, distributed through more than 150 partners in Canada, including Maison Simons, Must Société and Ameublement Tanguay. The company has grown by leaps and bounds, increasing its sales by more than 300% each year.

For Mathieu, it is also important to give back to nature, which is why a tree is planted for every canvas sold. To date, they have planted over 20,000 trees.