Max Lavoie

BBQ Guru and president
BBQ Québec

A bit like Obelix who fell into the magic potion when he was little, Max fell in a barbecue! In his parents’ hardware store, he assembled barbecues for customers from the age of 12. He thus became a barbecue freak.

In 2013, Max and his brother opened their store in their parents’ store, but quickly realized that the demand was very high. It was in 2014 that they inaugurated the first branch of BBQ Quebec, in Ste-Foy. A second was born in 2015 in Boucherville and a third in Laval in 2016.
BBQ Quebec innovated in 2017 by offering products throughout Quebec. BBQ Quebec zones have been integrated into hardware stores, allowing the creation of more than 100 new points of sale across the province, but also in Ontario and Eastern Canada.

His ultimate goal? Nothing less than to position Quebec in the top 5 of the most famous places on the planet for the BBQ.