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Mia Homsy

Director General
Institut du Québec

Ms. Homsy is Director General of the Institut du Québec, a socio-economic research institute stemming from a partnership between the Conference Board of Canada and HEC Montréal. As part of this organization, Ms. Homsy assists in guiding the development of better public policies in Quebec, particularly with respect to competitiveness and economic development.

Ms. Homsy has previously worked as a political attaché in the office of the Minister of Economic Development of Quebec, Minister of Tourism and Minister responsible for the Montreal region. Ms. Homsy has also held the positions of political advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff in the offices of the Minister of Finance of Quebec and the Minister of Revenue of Quebec.

Ms. Homsy is a graduate of International Studies from the Université de Montréal and holds a Master’s in International Management from HEC Montréal.