Robyn Collver

Senior Vice-President, Risk & Regulatory Affairs and Chief Sustainability Officer
Canadian Tire Corporation

Robyn Collver is Senior Vice-President, Risk and Regulatory Affairs for the Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited family of companies, which includes, in addition to the iconic “Canadian Tire” parent company, “Sportchek”, “Mark’s”, “Helly Hansen”, “Canadian Tire Petroleum” and “Canadian Tire Bank”. Robyn leads the Company’s sustainability strategy and governs its sustainability initiatives.  She also oversees the Company’s national and international risk management, regulatory and compliance activities.

Robyn became General Counsel of Canadian Tire’s Financial Services division in 2004 and served as General Counsel of Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited from 2008 to 2015.  Prior to joining the Company, Robyn provided external counsel to Canadian Tire as a Partner with a major Canadian law firm and specialized in the practice of corporate and securities law.

Robyn currently serves on the Board and is Chair of the Governance Committee of Stewardship Ontario.  She also serves on the Board and is Chair of the Governance Committee of Alzheimer Society of Toronto.

Robyn holds a law degree from University of Toronto and an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration from Acadia University.