Regulatory issues and the digitization of promotional offers

ecommerce and digital marketing, Retail, Sustainable development and circular economy October 26, 2023
3:30 pm to 4:05 pm River side terminal
Rodolphe Bonnasse, Patrick Delisle, Olivier Laquinte

A conversation on the challenges around the digitalisation of promotional flyers in Quebec. In the wake of the City of Montreal’s new By-law for reducing the environmental impacts associated with advertising materials, join us for this panel discussion featuring three expert perspectives on this issue of major importance to Quebec retailers. Rodolphe Bonnasse, CEO of ARISTID Retail Technology, a veteran of digital retail in France and renowned for his columns on French television, has witnessed several cases in France first-hand, with retailers such as Intermarché, E.Leclerc, and Carrefour, all clients of his, having already embarked on the digital journey. Patrick Delisle, Marketing Director at Canac, joins the panel to tell the story of his adventure through the digitalisation of the Canac flyer, which has been 100% digital since March of 2020, and more recently as a user of ARISTID’s software solutions. The panel will look at recent regulatory changes by governments in France (OuiPub) and Canada, who are increasingly putting in place frameworks that are pushing the industry inexorably towards a future with less paper. Moderated by Olivier Laquinte, founder and CEO of Talsom, a firm at the forefront of human-centred digital transformation, this panel is sure to evoke a stimulating and provocative discussion.