Helping organizations address workforce challenges: Free HR Tools

The Retail Council of Quebec is pleased to offer a set of free tools designed to help retail organizations optimize and develop their human resources strategies, particularly around recruitment and retention. We have developed these resources in collaboration with experienced HR professionals who have provided their valuable experience to many small and medium-sized businesses in the sector over the years.

HR Toolbox (in french only)

Human resources best practices guide for businesses

The Retail Council of Quebec is pleased to present its human resources management guide for retail businesses. This guide is exclusively dedicated to retailers who are members of the Quebec Retail Council and retailers participating in its HR support program. It was developed by human resources experts to help retailers optimize the management of their human resources.

Pages of the human ressources guide for retailers


Retailers will find in this 29-page guide, all the elements that will allow them to manage their human resources optimally. (the guide is in french only)

  • A recruitment guide with concrete tools and advice to make the process a success from start to finish (definition of needs, optimal drafting of the job offer, preparation and conduct of an effective interview, candidate experience)
  • A guide for welcoming and integrating new employees
  • A policy guide and employee handbook
  • An occupational health and safety guide (obligations and rights of employers and employees, prevention program, harassment in the workplace)
  • A guide to managing and supervising employees
You will get a copy of our human ressources guide for retail businesses

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