Every year, theft and fraud cost Quebec retailers nearly a billion dollars. That’s how critical this issue is for retailers. Surprisingly, employee theft and fraud is almost as big a source of loss as shoplifting. Administrative errors and irregularities on the part of suppliers rank third.

Given the scale of this phenomenon, the Quebec Retail Council is taking proactive steps to ensure that retailers’ resources are adequately protected.

Shoplifting is a significant scourge for retailers. The thefts and frauds committed in this sector result in annual losses exceeding $800 million in Quebec alone. With the concrete aim of supporting retailers in their daily struggle against shoplifting and eager to put an end to the normalization of this scourge, the CQCD is the promoter of the awareness campaign ‘Piquer, c’est voler’.

Through its Asset protection & loss prevention committee, the Council provides retailers with numerous networking opportunities and exchanges with experts in loss prevention. Additionally, it regularly acts as the spokesperson for the sector with government authorities in this regard.

Its interventions revolve around various subjects, such as:

  • Prevention of shoplifting, internal theft, and fraud;
  • Awareness of gang-related activities;
  • Detection of counterfeiting;
  • New technological tools.