How to use Google My Business

Creating a listing on Google My business allows you to encourage potential customers who find you on the Google search engine and on Maps to become new customers, by creating a business listing free of charge for your store or for the service you offer, which will contain information such as your opening hours, location and other relevant information. This listing is your storefront on Google and requires special attention, especially when it comes to managing reviews from people who have used your products and services.

Very useful for local SEO, a Google My Business account makes it easier for your customers to find you, for example on Google Maps. For people looking for a company, the most common question is “product or service X near me?”, if you maintain your My Business page well, people will find you more easily. By the way, even if you don’t receive customers onsite, you can create this page without a physical address (but at least the city where you are located).

What to do?

Start by identifying your company name with your contact details, the address of your website, a descriptive text (history, mission) and photos (of the company and the team).

After that, the main things to do on your My Business page will be to feed it with posts about yourself and to maintain your customers’ reviews. You could start by importing your Facebook posts that are really about your products or services, your history, your participation in events or about your team members, not to mention your photos and logo.

The other main maintenance you will have to do is to respond to customer reviews (the 2.0 version of word of mouth). For this, be polite and professional, be concise and remember that these responses will be public. You can prepare a few pre-formatted responses that you can customize as required. If your response to a negative review seems too long, you can also suggest that the customer call you to better understand the situation and not leave too much of a trail online!

You can also now use your My Business account to advertise in search engines (Google Ads).

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