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Packaging solutions for e-commerce and retail

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The health crisis has had several impacts on well-established businesses, including a drop in sales and profits and a labor shortage, which has caused strong growth in e-commerce. In 2020, 82% of Canadians made an online purchase compared to 73% in 2018 representing $27 billions in spending[i]. Moreover, by 2040, it’s estimated that 95% of purchases will be facilitated by e-commerce[ii]. E-commerce has imposed itself in our lives and has forced many companies to accelerate their digital shift.  For companies, this includes having enough product inventory to meet demand, the right payment solutions for e-ecommerce, offering on-time delivery, and shipping a product in good condition, not to mention an exceptional unboxing experience. What could be more frustrating than receiving a damaged or broken product due to inefficient packaging? It is therefore essential to adapt the packaging to the product.

In an era where we are talking more and more about global warming and climate change, it becomes crucial to propose packaging solutions made from recycled and recyclable materials. Consumers are making increasingly eco-responsible choices. More than 84% of consumers have environmental concerns[iii]. Customers notice everything from non-recyclable products to over-packaging, or even inadequate packaging! The good news is that there are simple solutions to make your packaging more eco-responsible. First, choose recycled and recyclable materials, both for the box and for the protective material. Use as little packaging as possible with the right size box or an adjustable size box. Choose a packaging supplier as close as possible to your distribution center to reduce your environmental footprint.

The corrugated packaging, a recycled, recyclable and eco-responsible solution

In Canada, brown boxes are mostly made from recycled corrugated cardboard. This is made from several layers; two sheets of cardboard and a fluted paper in between. These flutes provide better resistance to shocks that may occur during handling or transportation. Corrugated packaging allows you to choose boxes in the right format according to your needs. It can be offered in single, double, or triple wall depending on the use you would make of it, it is eco-responsible, and several printing options are available to put your brand forward and to differentiate yourself. Make the good choice!

Packaging in the right size for well-packaged and well-protected products

When preparing packages, it is important to choose the right box size depending on what you are packing and the size of the product. This will eliminate product movement and reduce the risk of breakage. Of the millions of packages sent each year, an average of 40% of those packages are empty spaces[i]. In addition to paying more for shipping and shipping empty space, this creates frustration for the customer. However, having many box formats to manage is sometimes complicated and expensive. One of the solutions to make sure you have the right box size is to use the multi-depth box, which allows you to adjust the corners to the desired height. In case your business ships flat products, it is better to opt for flat box options.

Normally, when the box is in the right format, the product should not move. However, when there is space, the right interior protection can make a big difference in preventing breakage. Protect the product with kraft paper, fan fold, polystyrene sheets. Once again, you must choose options adapted to the values of your company and your market without forgetting the eco-responsible options. Other than filler material, we can use die-cut adapted to your product and ensure that the product arrives in good condition. There are also box designs that can provide additional protection on the outside to absorb shock for more fragile products. Several options are available on the market. The important thing is to choose the packaging that will make your product and your company stand out.

ecommerce box - packaging

Did you know that you can have your packaging tested in certified laboratory with several test protocols including drops, vibrations, and compressions to simulate the reality of transport in e-commerce? This can be very useful for more fragile products or to meet Amazon standards.

An attractive box

Think of the unboxing experience when the packaging arrives at its destination. Even during a delivery, it is possible to promote your brand. The more you personalize your packaging, the more you increase the loyalty of your customers. More than half of consumers would repeat their purchase if their packaging was personalized.

Several printing options are available on corrugated packaging: flexography, lithography, and digital printing. Depending on your market, you may choose digital printing for high quality definition, perfect for large formats and small quantities at a reasonable budget, in addition to offering flexibility and speed to market. Lithography meets the highest expectations in terms of visual rendering, with a wide range of colors. In addition to being economical, it is perfect for medium volume productions. Finally, flexography, is a simple and colorful printing method, available in six colors, for high volume production.  

Open box

It is also possible to add inserts, 3D visuals, etc. The packaging that will be used for shipping can certainly serve as advertising! The stronger the emotion, the more customers will want to share their experience. They will become more loyal and maybe even brand ambassadors! This is a great way to gain notoriety.

Finally, it is recommended to consult a packaging expert to choose your boxes. The proper packaging design will vary depending on your industry, handling, storage of shipping time. The humidity level, the storage time, the weight of the products to be shipped are important factors to take into consideration when making the final choice of your packaging., we transform your challenges into solutions!

In November 2021, Cascades launched its transactional site for the sale of corrugated boxes. It is now possible to buy, online, boxes already in stock and shipped within 2 to 6 business days. The service is currently offered in several regions of Quebec. Warehouse pickup is also available. The packaging solutions are offered in multiple formats to meet the needs of food, retail, and e-commerce sectors. Sustainable development being at the heart of Cascades’ activities, the proposed solutions are eco-responsible and efficient in addition to being innovative! By adopting our packaging solutions, you contribute to the circular economy.

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