Personalizing Your Client Experience… Until The Last Mile!

Did you know that 84% of customers who have only one negative delivery experience won’t shop with you again[1]? Although this can be scary, it only reinforces the importance of choosing a partner you trust for your shipments and who will offer a real client experience across all the different touchpoints.

To add to the complexity, we live in an era where clients are looking for an experience that is tailored to them and in which margins become increasingly scarce. Therefore, how can you deliver your brand experience and yet remain profitable?

Personalized Options For Your Clients

Your clients all have different needs. That is why it is so important to offer them a simple, unique experience tailored to what they really want. Here are some examples:

  • Possibility to add personalized delivery instructions for the driver, up until your client’s door; that way their parcel will be delivered exactly how the client prefers.
  • Visibility on the parcel’s status throughout its journey; so your clients can obtain shipping status update 24/7.
  • E-mail and/or text updates about the progression of each shipment, an ETA a few hours before delivery, and a delivery notification upon delivery; so clients are aware of their parcel’s status however they want.
  • Picture of the parcel taken at delivery, to reassure absent clients that their parcel was delivered safely to the correct location.
  • Delivery Proof; so clients can see who received their parcel and when if they weren’t home when it was delivered.

Make sure your transport company also offers these… That is what counts for your clients!

Livraison de colis

“I want to express my appreciation. Nationex delivered the parcel to my floor, they didn’t leave it in the front entrance, and the delivery person was courteous. I had to speak to the Customer Service to change delivery dates and the staff was very nice and helpful. Thank you Nationex.”

– Guylaine, Gatineau

A Fast Delivery

Offering an experience adapted to your clients is key but if the delivery takes too much time, frustration will arise. You need to consider a shipping partner who has enough capacity to serve you throughout the whole year, even during the busiest times!

Camion de livraison Nationex

Maximize Margins Without Compromising on Your Service!

Surcharges became the norm since the pandemic started… Peak period surcharge, residential fees, oversized fees, high cubic volume – these are only a few examples. And sadly, there is almost no added value associated with these charges.

Make sure you fully understand your invoices. It is important to know what your negotiation levers are in order to reduce your transport fees. It is also recommended to explore new options. Ask for other transport companies to quote you based on your entire volume – this will get you the maximum leverage. Some transport companies have competitive prices as well as no minimum parcel threshold, no peak season nor residential delivery surcharges and no high fees for non-standard products. These savings will help you offer free delivery or at least, to offer it for an enticing minimum purchase amount to your clients. This will make you more accessible when compared to your competition. It is simple – a study proved that the free shipping is the outmost important factor in the purchase decision of 66% of people.

In the actual context, make sure you reduce your shipping fees to stay competitive.

Choosing a Trusted Partner

You need a transport company who looks actively for solutions to your challenges. Make sure they offer:

  • Managing all your shipments within a single platform (like a website) and therefore access to all your information in the blink of an eye so you can answer your clients fast.
  • Connectivity with your API or other shipment platform; this will make it easier for you to ship.
  • Customer Service with real humans because when we need support, we want to talk to someone who understands us.

At Nationex, our technology and CRM allow us to understand what you are looking for even before you mention it to us and to adapt our offer to your needs even faster.

“It is inspiring to see how Nationex stands out by its capacity to adapt and its willingness to improve to meet the needs of its clients, which are always higher.”

– Lucia Mendoza, Senior Relationship Manager, Scotiabank[2]

A little bit more about Nationex

Partnering with Nationex means trusting a major player in the Canadian shipping business who is based here, in Quebec. Many big brands have been trusting us every day, since 1980. At Nationex, our 25 facilities in Canada allow us to offer fast residential delivery – 24h in Quebec and Ontario and 3 to 5 days in other provinces and territories. Nationex is part of the top 10 Canadian businesses in its category and recently joined the 4th Palmarès des entreprises au féminin du Québec… Yes, it is now time to get in touch with Nationex!

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[1] Convey Inc. Study