Why is appointment scheduling a winning solution for retailers

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One of the biggest challenges for retailers is to attract qualified traffic in-store. Today, with the change in consumer behaviors, it is more important than ever to rethink the customer lifecycle by integrating an omnichannel strategy that provides a personalized experience.

Consumers are more demanding and have higher expectations; simply buying a product and walking away is no longer the standard. It is now necessary to offer them a fully personalized experience and transform the shopping journey into an experiential one.

One solution for retailers to strengthen their digital presence, without neglecting the physical one, is to offer appointment scheduling to their customers. This method allows retailers to manage their in-store traffic while providing a personalized experience to each customer – appointment scheduling can be offered for any kind of business and service, in person or online.

As mentioned in this article about the five major retail trends to follow in 2022, experiential commerce is the future of retail! Consumers are more and more solicited by brands and it is important to find a way to differentiate your brand from the competition by offering customers what they are looking for: a privileged moment with the brand.

Personalization of the customer journey

Appointments are first and foremost an excellent way to generate in-store traffic for customers who might have chosen another way to consume, such as home delivery.

By offering them the possibility to make an appointment in advance, customers can have the motivation to visit your point of sale. They know in advance that they won’t have to wait for anything, that their visit will be customized and that a store representative will take care of them. In addition, 90% of people who have made an appointment beforehand do buy during their shopping session – offering an appointment scheduling service means maximizing your transformation and conversion rate.

On the retailers’ side, scheduling appointments in advance allows them to smooth in-store traffic and avoid queues that could occur during busy periods, thus generating customer dissatisfaction. On the other hand, by scheduling your visits in advance, your staff can prepare for each appointment, study the customer’s needs and offer them fully personalized service and expert advice.

Offering an appointment service will attract more customers; nearly 25% of people making appointments are net new customers. This is an opportunity not to be missed to provide them with the best experience and create a long-lasting relationship. Personalized customer experiences are a great way to create or reinforce brand loyalty.

Customers who visit a store for a personalized shopping experience consume between 2 to 7 times more compared to a spontaneous walk-in store visit. Fashion and cosmetics retailers see a 4-6x increase in numbers, while consumer decision time is reduced to 1.5 visits for furniture and appliance stores.

Offering appointment-based service is also an opportunity to leverage customer service. According to Markets Insider (a division of U.S. news site Business Insider), 70% of consumers say they chose one company over another based on the customer service they received.

A solution to optimize your operations

In addition to being a great way to boost your sales, appointment scheduling can also help you organize any group events in a smooth and seamless way. In-person or online, you can create and manage all your group events to reward your best customers, organize the preview of a new product, manage a masterclass,… This type of service allows you to build customer loyalty and create a community. In addition to building trust, participating in a workshop or event will encourage your customers to make a purchase and increase the size of their shopping cart. In fact, 74% of consumers say that attending branded events encourages them to purchase the products shown.

In addition to being the perfect way to improve the quality of your services, appointment scheduling is also excellent to optimize your operations, making you save a lot of time and helping you manage your schedule and your staff’s.

You will be able to organize in a much easier way all kinds of services that used to be quite complicated to set up such as click & collect or any after-sales service (repair, personalization…).

The social link in the customer lifecycle

Highlighting the social link in the purchasing process, appointment scheduling is an opportunity to provide a unique, personalized experience and to make your customer service more human. If you are looking to innovate through appointment scheduling, Booxi is a partner of choice.

Choosing the right software for your business is the first step towards achieving a winning strategy. Retailers who use Booxi for their omnichannel strategy observe increased conversion rates and basket size and drive net new customers to purchase.

Visit booxi.com to learn more about their technology and see why retailers around the world are integrating appointment scheduling software into their tech stack.